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Teaching mathematics by experimenting with AI challenges

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Our Objectives

Motivate and give meaning to mathematics

Move towards abstraction by manipulating and experimenting

Motivated students

Educational resources for high school mathematics teaching

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Using AI challenges, MathAData co-develops with teachers pedagogical and digital supports.

These resources make it possible to teach mathematics through manipulation and experimentation.

Designed by and for teachers, they focus on the high school curriculum.

A half-day training and support make it possible to start without AI knowledge.

Photo of a mathematics teacher

Marie, mathematics teacher at César Baggio High School, Lille

We discovered the MathAData project at the start of the 2023 school year, and I decided to test the activities with my bridge class (students in difficulty). The activities are varied and allow different parts of the curriculum to be covered with a concrete hook, as an introduction or deepening of concepts. Working on the computer sparked everyone's interest. The students were able to go at their own pace and achieved much more than I expected, gaining confidence. We were also able to work on paper, with progressive exercise sheets.
MathAData is a valuable resource for conducting varied and motivating activities. It naturally fits into the goals of allowing for manipulation and differentiation in our sequences.

Teaching math with challenges

Download the scientific presentation
Data challenge
Mathematical modeling
Manipulate, experiment
Train, calculate, demonstrate
AI challenge

A concrete problem chosen from a variety of topics

Presentation slides

What mathematical tools can help us?

Mathematics notebook

Notebooks to manipulate mathematical objects and experiment with ideas

Exercise sheet

Exercise sheets to practice: calculations and demonstrations

1. Data challenge

Educational challenges: Recognition of numbers, sounds, heart rate monitor
  • Concrete and motivating problems
  • Easy for students to understand
  • Quick translation into mathematical terms
  • Open problems: everyone can propose their solution

2. Mathematical modeling

Covering the entire high school mathematics curriculum

Table of covered chapters: the entire high school mathematics curriculum

3. Manipulate, experiment

Visual exercise of parameterizing a line

Manipulate: build mental models, visualize errors, experiment

Example: choose the parameters of a line to separate two point clouds

Experiment: test ideas, develop a mathematical reasoning to understand what you are looking for

Example: find a performing feature by averaging over an area of the image

Exercise to find a performing feature

4. Train, calculate, demonstrate

Paper exercises to practice and continue mathematical abstraction

Student doing paper exercises