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Teaching AI through data challenges

Data challenges in various fields

What is ChallengeData?

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A challenge is a classification or regression problem on images, sounds, texts, time series, or physical measurements.

The platform ChallengeData offers 80 challenges from public services or companies

20 000






Data challenges for teaching

  • Bachelor's and Master's courses in sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, economics...) and data science
  • Practice on diverse supervised learning problems
  • Learn to solve cutting-edge scientific and industrial problems
  • Interact with professionals and researchers. Find internships and jobs

The ChallengeData platform for teachers

130 courses in more than 10 universities

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  • Monitoring environment for student work for course projects and labs
  • Challenges dedicated to each scientific field: chemistry, physics, biology...
  • New challenges every year, no cheating possible 🙂